Birdwatching in Sooke

Vancouver Island, BC

Swan - Sooke, Vancouver Island, BC

Woodpecker in Goldstream Park

Quail at Comfort Cove Cottage

Eagle at Comfort Cove Oceanfront Vacation Cottage

Owl - Vancouver Island

Ducks on the Sooke Basin

Comfort Cove Cottage in Sooke, BC, is a wonderful place for birdwatchers. Perched on a coastal hilltop, the cottage sits amongst the treetops where birds can be seen flying at or below eye level! Watching an eagle coast towards you at eye level is a sight you won't soon forget.

Large windows highlight exceptional views of the Sooke Basin as well as the birds that call this place their home. Often times, sitting at the dining table or relaxing in the living room, you'll see birds playing right in front of the windows. The swallows perform incredible acrobatic feats, while the tiny hummingbirds flit from place to place, sometimes even balancing lightly on the tip of a tree. Many types of songbirds go about their business in the trees that surround the cottage.

A guest favourite is the family of quail that often visit the cottage property. This family varies in size from year to year - but usually includes several babies in addition to the adult. These unusual-looking birds are great fun to watch as they scuttle around the yard, clucking. Occasionally you'll hear a cry from up in a tree -- look up and you may see a quail perched there.

A blue heron is another regular visitor to the cottage. Blue herons are the tallest bird in Canada standing at 1.4 meters. It lands on the breakwater to the left of the dock, and patiently fishes for its dinner. For such a beautiful bird, it sure makes many odd noises! The heron tends to be shy so approach slowly or use a telephoto lens to capture a photo. Sit quietly and you may have a chance for a close-up view of this expert fisher.

Eagles visit the small offshore island all year round. Most times you won't even notice when they arrive. Then, when you happen to glance out the window, they're perched on a tree, surveying the Sooke Basin. Eagles can often be seen fishing when the mature salmon return in the fall.

Other regular visitors include:

  • Swan. They sometimes glide right up to the dock (likely hoping for handouts). Be aware, though, that these beautiful and majestic creatures are still wild animals... and if you get too close they'll warn you away by hissing!

  • Various woodpeckers. Strangely, the main floor bathroom offers the best view of one little woodpecker, who often clings to a tree right by the window. Occasionally a pileated woodpecker visits the larger trees out near the side of the cottage. This huge bird makes quite a racket when it starts tapping!

  • Owl. You might not notice the owl as it ghosts by on silent wings. They are more frequently spotted at dusk or at night, for those with sharp eyes.

  • Various ducks, Canada geese, gulls, and other "common" birds. There are almost always geese and ducks out on the water, especially near the small island, while various other birds can be seen all over the property.


"When the only things you hear
are bird calls and songs -
you have found 'heaven on earth'."


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